Daily Archives: February 23rd, 2012

Lent 1

Lent 1
Brilliant sunshine
Black clouds
torrential rain

The covenant rainbow

Advent isn’t the only season
of light and dark
Of falling down and

getting up.

A mother’s tears
for the lost years
without her child.
Shame and self-blame;
What-ifs that she will wear

For a lifetime.

Why is there this darkness in my heart?
Why do I judge so harshly
the Nabals driving city streets,

and do just as they do?

Why has this pilgrim
Made so little progress?
If my youthful self
Could see my mature soul
He would recoil in despair,
Shocked at the sin,

Yet be amazed at the abundant grace.

JM Feb 2012

I love the Lent Prose (above) that the choir sang this evening at our Ash Wednesday service.