Daily Archives: March 6th, 2014

Lent in the dark

Lent in the dark

darkness outside,
rain rattling windows,
staccato punctuation accompanies meditation.
Turning, reflecting, searching:
Wherefore darkness

and cursing,
my stumbling speech:
products of my heart –
unnaturally mixed fruit
meekly seeking

March 6, 2014


40 words 40 days

During Lent, I will write forty words a day. 
A friend had challenged me to “write redemptively”, and I sort of knew what that meant a few weeks ago, and I want to write things that are an improvement over a blank page.  I think that I can manage to come up with forty words that are not drivel – besides I like to write, it’s just that I don’t write much.

So, this year I’m giving up the empty space – the vacuum of words that were not written. 

Apparently that was 90 words – no I’m not being legalistic and counting that as 2.25 days’ worth!